50ml Ultra-Fine Teeth Whitening Oral Cleaning Foam

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50ml Ultra-Fine Mousse Foam Teeth Whitening Oral Cleaning Dissolve Tooth Stains Freshen Breath Clean Toot Foam New

1.Our product can be carried anywhere because it is compact size. 

2.And it also suitable for cleaning teeth and dissolving stains effectively because the baking soda toothpaste cleansing foam can penetrate cracks in tooth enamel, remove embedded food particles.

3.Using our products can remove breath and tooth stains, so that your teeth become as bright as pearls. At the same time, it can gently protect tooth enamel and protect tooth health.

4.It is made of safe materials,is gentle and mild to use.

5.Our product can be used to protect dental gum, clean teeth, remove stains, freshen breath, whiten teeth, strengthen tooth enamel, and repair oral injuries.

Usage Method:

A.When using, press the amount of 2-3 times in the mouth gargle for 10~20 seconds without spitting out.Brush teeth with toothbrush for 2 minutes the clock can be used for cleaning.

B.When using, press 2-3 times in the mouth,gargle spit out after 10~20 seconds,then rinse with water it can clean the tartar and freshen the breath.

1 x Toothpaste Foam