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Product Description
Description: This fire blanket features fiberglass cloth for fire extinguishing and spreading, emergency survival military style blanket, fiberglass blanket is flame retardant, very cool, fiberglass cloth, excellent fire extinguishing effect.
Scope of application: offices, warehouses, ships, automobiles, buildings, residences, kitchens, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.
Material: fiberglass cloth

1. Secure or place the fire blanket on a visible and easily accessible wall or in a drawer.
2. When the house is on fire, quickly unravel the blanket and hold the two hands of the two Heila.
3. Gently shake the fire blanket like a in your hand
4. Place a fire blanket lightly over the flame while disconnecting the power or power supply.
5. Continue to cover the burning object with the fire-extinguishing blanket, and take active fire-extinguishing measures until the object is completely extinguished.
6. After the fire is extinguished, the fire blanket should be treated as non-combustible garbage after it has cooled down.
7. If someone catches fire, shake off the blanket, completely wrap the fire, extinguish the source of the fire, and call the emergency number quickly

Size: 1*1M
Package Included:
1PCx fire blanket