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60ml Household Mold Remover Spray Mildew Cleaning Agent Furniture Tile Removal Floor Wall Cleaner Multifunctional Mold Remover


Ingredients: high concentration active chlorine formula

Content: 60ml

Size: 14.3*5cm

Method of use

Shake the product gently before use. Make the enzyme active.

Spray at the mildew spot.

The effect can be seen in 3-5 minutes and the specific time depends the environmental conditions.

Finally,wipe it with a cloth.


Spray on the surface to form aprotective film which can prevent there currence of mildew spots for a long time.

Easily cover mold and quickly penetrate and decompose.

Effectively clean and remove mildew stains in corners and crevices.

Do not cause any damage to the wall, repair and protect the wall.

Easy to use & Wide range of use.

Package Included:

1* 60ml Mould Cleaning Spray