Handmade tea bowl with oilspot glaze Small Tenmoku Tea Cup

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Notes: each bowl is unque,they are not 100% exactly same as photoes because of its special burning technology, so pls kindly allow minor difference, If you mind this, pls contact us before order, thanks for your understanding!


Condition:completely new
Size:Ø6.5 x 3.8cm / Ø2.56" x 1.5"
Jianzhan is a ancient Chinese Tea Cup, it used unique clay from Shuiji Town of Fujian Province to make iron tires.
The local mineral glaze rock is added into the ash water to make glaze water. it is burned into the kiln and burned at a high temperature of about 1300 degrees to form a stable state. It is safe and non-toxic.
The five kinds of Jianzhan gone through five dynasties - Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties respectively.
  • Tang- Big spot egg tea cup

  • Song- Lattern tea cup

  • Yuan- Small pot egg tea cup

  • Ming- Small meditation antient tea cup

  • Qing- Hundred flowers tea cup

  • Five kinds of JIANZHAN, deducting different time and space changes.


On May 23, 2011, the kiln building and firing technology was included in the third batch of international intangible cultural heritage. In Sep.2017 BRICS Meeting, Jianzhan were given as national gifts to the leaders of countries attending the meeting.

The Benefits of Jianzhan

The unique iron tires of Jianzhan contain weak magnetic properties. it is well known that the importance of magnetic fields to living organisms, like sunlight and air pollutants, constitutes an indispensable basic element of biology. According to scientific research, the benefits of magnetic fields to human body are:

1. Promote cell metabolism and balance endocrine.

2. Improve the body's resistance and enhance the immune system.

3. Eliminate excess free radicals in the human body and delay aging.