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1-️ Great Gift for Kids: Every child should have one of these art frames to store and display artwork. Children will take great pride in having these children's art frames and take great pleasure in displaying and preserving their precious, priceless and unique artwork, and sharing their artwork in the children's art frames with family and friends .

2 -️ Size: The artwork frame opens from the front and is 13 x 9.5 inches on the outside and 11.8 x 8.34 inches on the inside and fits most children's artwork,you just need to insert your child's artwork into your child's art frame to display it or store it under the elastic band.

3 -️ higher capacity children's frame design, store and display more artwork in the frame, we redesigned the children's painting display frame, our interchangeable children's frame can hold more artwork, the capacity of the children's frame can reach about 150 pieces of artwork.

4-️ Easily interchangeable artwork frame, this display and storage children's art frame is interchangeable, with an opening in the front and its own elastic band, you can easily put your child's artwork in this children's artwork frame. The artwork used for display can be placed outside the elastic band, and other children's artwork can be stored inside, secured with an elastic band that will not fall off. The children's artwork frame can be hung horizontally or vertically to display various styles of your child's artwork.

5-️ durable, gallery style children's art frame, made of high quality wood, very strong and durable, this children's art frame can display and store children's artwork and preserve beautiful moments and memories of children growing up for a long time. Perfect for children's paintings, artwork, children's art projects, school assignments, home or office.