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Note: When painting again, be sure to wipe off the water on the spoon! ! !


Name: Color whiteboard pen (floating pen)
Material: Plastic
Single size: 12.2*1.2cm
Packing: 8 colors
Weight of a set: a set of thin nibs weighs 52g, and a set of thick nibs weighs 65g

techniques used:
1. Prepare a basin of cold water, do not use hot water! ! !
2. A dry spoon, dont stick to the water! ! ! (must be a ceramic spoon, iron spoons cannot be used; mirrors are fine too)
3. Draw the pattern you like, wait for a while after painting, and wait for the painting to dry! ! !
4. Slow down when you put it in the water, shake it up and down gently, and let the pattern float! ! !