Three-Sided Toothbrush PBT Ultra Fine Soft Hair Adult Toothbrushes Tongue Scraper Deep Cleaning Oral Care Teeth Brush

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1. The V-shaped three-sided toothbrush can easily clean any blind spot, making you like brushing your teeth!
2. Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, the cleaning effect is greatly improved.
3. The scientific 45-degree inclination allows the toothbrush to thoroughly and thoroughly clean the food residues in the gaps between the teeth and gums, reducing the risk of tooth decay and protecting the health of teeth.
4. The bristles are made of DuPont bristles with rounded tips, which can effectively prevent bleeding gums and are more suitable for sensitive teeth.
5. The rounded grip shape is more suitable for the curvature of the hand, non-slip and easy to grasp.
6. There is a raised tongue scraper on the back of the toothbrush, which can clean the tongue coating, bring fresh breath, and can also be used to massage the tongue.

Material: PP, PBT
Color: Purple/Green/Blue/Pink
Size: 19.5*2.5cm
Application: Teeth and Mouth Cleaning

Package Include:
1PC Three-Sided Soft Hair Tooth Toothbrush